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 Game Rules

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Game Administrator

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PostSubject: Game Rules   Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:12 pm

1. Username

User name should not be ofensatore, inappropriate, racist, extremist or vulgar. Players that will use such names or will claim that part of the Metin2 team will be deleted without being prompted accounts. Also, those who pretend to be someone else will be banned.

ยง two generic names

Shops, guilds, groups, The items or any other thing which can give them a name will be consistent with a point ยง Username (Nicknames)

2. Behavior

Please always keep in mind the fact that you must not insult other players. Threats, spam, offensive or insulting you messages to other players to be punished by a ban from the game.
If you are insulted, threatened or receiving spam from another player, please contact GM's in charge. GM's decision not you will be notified and questions like "What happens to x when y told me so?" will remain unanswered and will be considered spam. Calling for no reason a GM, if you repeat successively, can be punished with a ban from the game.

3. Internal Chat - Spam

Flooding on internal chat with spam messages is prohibited. It is also forbidden to provide information or to ask about methods of violation of rules (cheating, cods, hack) and links to other games, besides bringing Metin2 banned from the game.

4. Internally ยง Chat - Language Used

Official language on all servers of the game Metin2 Romanian language is Romanian. Except foreigners are allowed to use only English, the only acceptable foreign language.

Using ยง June bug

If you find a bug report it's GM. It is forbidden to use it to your advantage and make Violations banned from the game.

5. Accounts

It is your job to make sure that your account information is safe. Sharing this information with others is to lose credibility claims to the loss account or the account The items available. Metin2 team will never ask not your login data (name, password). Real marketing accounts, items, Yang is strictly prohibited. This is punishable by permanent ban from the game and also can act legally.

6. Team Game

GM stands for Game Master. GM will not give you items, Yang or whatever. GM is here to help and take care that the game and chat to take place within the limits of regulations. You have to obey directions given by GM. Your account may be banned from the game if you do not obey these guidelines. GM may get temporary or permanent ban and may take any decision needed to maintain good gameplay. Players are required to respond to private messages in the game, received from GM. If after a certain period of time the player does not respond, it is considered that using illegal software just to keep the character in the game play without the user account banned and punished with.

7. Complaints ยง team game (Complaints About the Game Team)

Generally must follow the hierarchy:
Complaints about a GM or GM Trial relates to SGM.
Complaints of a SGM shall report to GA.
Complaints of GA is reported to coma.

8. Sanctions

Team play will use these sanctions to maintain good gameplay:

-Kicks (Logout)
-Temporary bans
-Permanent bans

These rules can change anytime. When are changes we will inform you. These rules do not replace the Terms and Conditions are only added to the T & C.
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Game Rules
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