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 Rules for CHAT

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PostSubject: Rules for CHAT   Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:05 pm

This regulation may be updated at any time so please pay attention to changes and to respect.
In extreme cases, which will be defined in each case, members can also get money both in game and on forums. The same will apply, and vice versa.

1. Any instructions received from the moderators of these channels are asked to respect. Rules can be interpreted by the channel management team, as it is considered to be ideal for a better cooperation between channel members.

2. Attitude IRC channel

2.1. Statements that have pornographic content or links, political extremes, immoral, discriminatory, racist and offensive material that may violate constitutional law, is strictly prohibited.

2.2. Also prohibited are links to pages that contain the activation codes, cracks, hacks or anything illegal nature, including illegal download pages and warez. Discussions on such topics can be sanctioned.

2.3. Insults, threats and offenses to other users or staff, shall be punished by temporary or permanent ban. Not allowed to display any kind of personal and private conversation without the consent of all parties.

2.4. Advertisements and links to other browser games are not allowed on this channel.

2.5. Requests for unblock (unban) on channel # metin2.ro (or servers) to discuss only operator that will block, using only private messages (/ query nick). Whether the controller will ignore, please contact an Administrator.

2.6. Do not discuss illegal activities. Please do not expose us to any liability, obligation or legal liability unwanted and unnecessary.

2.7. It is also forbidden to provide information or to ask about methods of violation of rules (cheating, cods, hack) and links to other games, besides bringing Metin2LG banned from the game.

3. Advertising

Advertising on this channel is forbidden.

Not allowed:
- Ads for buying and selling.
- User name to advertise a site or a product.
- Advertising / publicity in any form.

It is forbidden impersonation of a staff member. This results in a warning, and in extreme cases can lead to a ban on the forum / game.

3.1. Languages spoken on these channels is ROMANIAN. Not allowed to use other language-users IRC.Exceptii nationals who do not speak Romanian and are asked to use an international language, preferably English.

3.2 Metin2LG community channels are banned bots, flooding and scriptures.

4. Notices

This set of rules is not exhaustive. Please follow the instructions to the operator chat.

These issues can be discussed with channel managers:

- Ban temporary sites on the channel.
- Requirements for removal of ban sites (via PM or e-mail)
- Complaints on SuperGameMasterilor (if it is a Moderator / GameMaster, please get in contact with a first SuperGameMaster / SuperModerator)

'Staff reserves the right to change the rules whenever it is deemed necessary.

Using channel # metin2LG and its derivatives (server) is a privilege and not a right. That use this chat room is considered acceptance of these rules.

Administrators reserve the right to do so as a fairly good condition and functioning of the chat room, even if this involves banning the accounts.
Team Metin2LG[b]
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Rules for CHAT
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