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 Regulation "CHARACTER"

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PostSubject: Regulation "CHARACTER"   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:55 pm

1) Title of the topic to be as suggestive and about the topic discussed.

2) Use the SEARCH function before opening a topic.

3) People will Offtopic, no matter what I write, will receive a warning. The only person entitled to be Offtopic, but only on the subject (in terms of answering those who criticized / arguments matter) is its creator.

4) Closing a topic / thread remains at the discretion of a moderator of the forum and / or ONLY when the user who created the topic that's requested. Users will require closing the topic map without its creators that thread will be warned warn. If you want to help the team work neobservarea a forum (such as the creator of a topic when asked for his close and your topic was not locked), use the function 'Report' and / or send a PM a moderator of the forum.

5) For those who do not know, here is the "characters", ie help and questions / criticism / argument / presentation solely on the characters.
Post in the correct section, although you think they are not viewed so you will get the answer. Posts in the wrong section will be warned.

6) double post, open multiple threads on the same theme are prohibited, though you have not received an answer in these seconds after posting.

7) insults are not allowed. In this category enter the word "nab", "noob" and other similar variants, regardless of context. Also prohibited monikers. Ex: "Mah", "ba", "brother", "MHA", "waaa", "pooh", "BHA", "bro", etc..

Cool The topics that users of this forum will require a private server will be closed and sent to the archive. Also, this shall be punished with a ban, as users that will post there and will ask the same thing.

9) Do not abuse the report function. This results in a warn. Post is a topic by clicking reply and if you can find, it means that topic has been closed.

10) threads that will contain links to private servers or the name and / or to other online communities will be deleted, and one who has posted will be banned permanently.

11) Any discussion of private servers. This includes presentation of a character on a private server and / or arguments like "I played myself in private, I lvl 1200 and additional skills to Q, Z move, and wq. This will result in permanent ban.

12) I will kindly ask you to post at least 4 words. An OK, MS, or other variants, is not enough.

I suggest you visit sometime this topic because changes can occur and / or supplements.

Besides, I have kindly read and reread the General Forum Rules.
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Regulation "CHARACTER"
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