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 Help and Questions Rules

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PostSubject: Help and Questions Rules   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:51 pm

Starting today this regulation will apply for the card ^ ^

1) Title of the topic to be as suggestive and about the topic discussed.

2) Use the SEARCH function before opening a topic. Questions like "where falls FMS / rib, will be closed without a stated reason.

3) If the user has already received an answer, I suggest not to intervene, your item will be considered Posthunt. This is not true when additions bring to an answer already given.

4) For those who do not know, here is the "Help and Questions", meaning only help and questions about the game.
Post in the correct section, although you think they are not viewed so you will get the answer. Posts in the wrong section will be warned.

5) double post, open multiple threads on the same theme, are prohibited, though you have not received an answer in these seconds after posting.

6) insults are not allowed. In this category enter the word "nab", "noob" and other similar variants. Also prohibited monikers. Ex: "Mah", "ba", "brother", "MHA", "waaa", ° ¨ etc. man.

7) Do not tolerate any form of information threads in this section.

Cool The topics that users of this forum will require a private server will be closed and sent to the archive. Also, this shall be punished with a ban, as users that will post there.

9) Do not abuse the report function. This results in a warn. Post is a topic by clicking reply and if you can find, it means that topic has been closed.

10) If the user has requested closing the topic, I suggest not to intervene, your item will be considered Posthunt.

11) can be attached or added a post with content images provided they do not exceed the following measurements: Height: 600 pixels Width: 600 pixels. Their size should not exceed 200 Kb.
Also the number of images allowed is 2 per item, if you have multiple images that need to post please use the external link.

12) If still open topics the question "When you open a new server, will receive the same warning and who will continue the discussion.

Those who do not comply will be sanctioned.
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Help and Questions Rules
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